Flower Care

Flower Care Guide

Flowers require care to allow them to be at their best for longer. With essential hygiene practices you can improve their vase life. Each species will have individual requirements. As a specialist florist, we will guide you so you can enjoy your flowers longer.

Generally, we recommend the following:

When flowers are delivered in a bouquet (wrapped in cellophane with water on the ends):

Bouquets will normally be delivered in water.

Hold over the sink, remove packaging and trim the stems.

Cut approximately 1cm from the ends, at a 45 degree angle.

This will help the flowers suck up the water.

Fill a vase 3/4 full with fresh tap water and add the flower food.

You have been sent tulips you will only need to fill the vase ¼ full.

Flower food will prolong the life of your flowers so add this following the guidelines on the sachet.

Tulips will not require flower food.

Remove foliage link beneath the water.

This will cause bacteria to grow.

Display your vase of flowers in a cool place away from draughts (including direct air-conditioning), direct sunlight and heat.

You can refresh your flowers after 2-3 days re-cutting the stems, removing drooping flowers or foliage and replacing the water.

When your flowers are delivered already arranged:

You may need to add fresh water to your flowers, do this over a sink or drainer.

When placing the flower container onto furniture, use a coaster. This is in case of stains or spills.

Repeat these steps every few days.

As the buds deteriorate, clip them away to allow others to open.

Caring for your plant:

It is important to keep the compost moist.

Avoid over-watering, putting in direct sunlight and placing near draughts (including direct air flow of air-conditioning).

To prolong the flowering remove any faded flowers.

Feed plants fortnightly with liquid plant fertilizer during the spring and summer.

Protect non-hardy plants from frost.

Handle with care:

Lilly pollen can stain.

Remove stamens from newly opened flowers carefully and try to avoid direct contact. Top Tip – If you get pollen on your clothes do not rub this off!  Use sticky tape to remove the pollen. Simply place the sticky side on the top of the stain and peel off.

It is best to keep your flowers on a protected surface

(e.g. drink coaster or cloth, etc.)